Lost in TV - Free Audience Tickets


Do you have a partner? Is it time to meet their family or friends? BBC Studios are making a fun, heart-warming show following a couple as they make those first introductions to their nearest and dearest.

Maybe lockdown put a halt on things, maybe you only recently got together, or maybe you just weren’t ready to meet the in-laws or best friends until now! Regardless of the reason, we want to help the big day go smoothly!

If you are in a couple and fit the bill or if you have a family member or friend whose partner you are dying to meet, apply now!

To apply for this casting opportunity please login and use the form below to submit your interest, or you can call/text the team at 07711913199. Please note that by clicking 'APPLY NOW' you are giving your consent for us to pass on your name, age, e-mail address, telephone number and photo to the production team for this show.

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