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Frequently Asked Questions about Lost in TV

Why do I have to register on your site to book my tickets? top

To efficiently process applications for our TV shows, we ask that you complete a small registration process just once. Your e-mail and chosen password will then be enough for your to retrieve your full details and book tickets with us in the future.

The registration process stores a harmless 'cookie' in your browser which only contains contains a unique reference number. All other data that you input is securely stored on the database.

When will I know if I my online booking has been successful? top

You will receive a reply within 24 hours, from one of our Lost in TV representatives. 

How many tickets can I order? top

Typically, the limit for most shows is 6. However, for the more popular ones, this can go down to 4

Can I have notification of new shows e-mailed to me directly? top

You certainly can, by adding yourself to our mailing list here

How should I dress to the show? top

Typical dress-code for the studios is smart, but casual (smart t-shirts, jeans and trainers are fine). Some shows will specify a dress code, which we’ll notify you about

Can I park at the studios? top

Unfortunately, very few studios have on-site car parking. Of the major studios, only Pinewood have this facility. If you are planning to drive, it’s best to drop us a line beforehand, so we can advise you of the best parking places the studio you’re travelling to

How long will the show take to record? top

This very much depends on the show. Most shows take around 1 ½ - 2 hours to record, with some sitcoms taking a little longer

Are refreshments provided at the show? top

Very rarely. There is only one studio with a dedicated audience snack and drinks bar (BBC TV Centre), as such it's probably best that you find somewhere to eat before arriving at the show. Unfortunately, it is not possible to take food and drink into the studios

Will there be breaks during recording? top

If the show is transmitted live, then no. In other cases, there may be small breaks in recording for toilet breaks, etc

Do my tickets guarantee my entry? top

Entry is not guaranteed and is on a first-come-first-served basis (unless you have 'Priority' tickets, which guarantee entry up until a certain time - check your ticket for details of this). Not all of our allocated tickets are used and for this reason we overbook to ensure a full studio. We therefore recommend arriving early to the recordings to avoid disappointment.

When I click on the link in your e-mail to print out my e-tickets, it doesn't work. Help! top

It may be the case that you don't have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. You can download this very useful piece of software for your computer for FREE, by clicking on the Adobe logo below:

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