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About Lost in TV

'Lost in TV Ltd.' began trading in July 2003, providing audience research and recruitment for television & radio comedy and entertainment shows. Since then we have issued more than 1.2 million tickets to some of the finest TV and radio shows.

Lost in TV provides in-depth audience research and recruitment, dependent on the television show in hand. This means we will recruit the demographic (based on age, profession, interests and hobbies) that would best suit the programme. Our job is to promote the show and maximise its profile by targeting the required individuals. All people sent tickets will have made a specific request for such tickets; we do not randomly send out tickets to individuals who have not asked for them. Our vast database includes details of London companies and corporation contacts, and is the main focus of our targeting, but it also encompasses details of comedy, music and theatre fans. However, we will always seek to recruit 'fresh blood' for each new show - again, this is dependent exactly on the audience demographic requirements.

Having previously run the office for the audience research company 'Standing Room Only', we have over 10 years experience of audience recruitment and, over the years, have worked on a variety of diverse recordings. We personally handle all aspects of the booking process; from taking enquiries about the show, to ticket design (post-approval) and ticket distribution for our promotional use. We will also have a presence on the show night itself, liaising with the studio hands to coordinate our audience and ensure everything runs smoothly.