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New interior make over show for renters! Flat out Fabulous!

Do you rent with a group of mates but don't have the money for home improvements?

Is your living room lacking in style and in need of some urgent TLC?

Have you and your housemates been through the wringer together?

Fancy an incredible interior makeover?

Fronted by talented designer Whinnie Williams, Flat Out Fabulous is a unique interior show for the BBC Three audience - it's designed entirely for the millions of young people who rent.

Whinnie believes that everyone has the right to a stylish home, no matter what their budget is. She's about to prove that home renovations don’t have to cost a fortune by helping housemates re-design and transform a boring living space.

We're looking for groups of mates who rent together with a living room that needs improving. Please share and get in touch if this is you or a household you know.

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