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Amanda Lamb Would Love to See YOU in the Saved & Remade Workshop!

Dust off those family heirlooms. Dive into old boxes. Dig out forgotten treasures.

Amanda Lamb is flinging open the Saved and Remade Workshop in a new series for REALLY.

Here, items that you love-but-never-use are given a unique transformation and a new lease of life by our team of expert crafters. They use their skills and imagination to create beautiful and functional items from disused treasures.

Do you have an object at home you love but never use?

Can’t bear to throw it away?

Want to keep it... and have expert crafters transform it into something new?

If so, get in touch with us!

Please be aware that this is a transformation series, rather than a restoration show. You must be open to the team transforming your item into something completely different.

To apply for this casting opportunity please login and use the form below to submit your interest. Please note that by clicking 'APPLY NOW' you are giving your consent for us to pass on your name, age, e-mail address, telephone number and photo to the production team for this show.

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