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The Travelling Auctioneers (WT)

Are old possessions taking up too much room in your home?

Do you need to create some space and maybe make some money along the way?

Are you are downsizing, emigrating, or have perhaps inherited a property and need to clear it out?

From the makers of Antiques Road Trip, an exciting new series will see one of the country’s most recognisable antiques experts and a renowned restorer visit a town near you.

Our series; “The Travelling Auctioneers” (wt) is looking for people who have a house or business to clear and possessions to sell to take part in filming. We will feature a range of people going through this process with the help of an expert auctioneer and a master craftsman in the hope of selling them for profit at auction.

We are keen to feature people looking to create more space in their home, as well as people looking to sell items to raise money for a special project or event or even just boost their savings. Whether it is just a room of possessions that haven’t been touched in years or a full house clearance, if you have unwanted or damaged items our team would love to hear from you today!

Perhaps you have some broken furniture that needs repaired, or a clock that doesn't work that you'd like to sell? Maybe you have a collection of items that are taking up space in your home and you want to sell them?

Get in touch with us today and you might even make some money along the way.

If you are interested in taking part or would like some more information, please contact the team filming starts at the end of September, so don't delay!

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