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Sparkling new ITV show BLING - do you need jewellery help?

Do you have jewellery that you never wear?

Would you like to SELL, FIX, or MAKE your jewellery into something new?

Or are you looking to BUY a special bit of bling and could do with expert advice?

Whatever the jewellery dilemma, Gok Wan, along with a line-up of some of the finest jewellery experts in the UK, is here to help.

Is it a beautiful birthday gift or the perfect engagement or wedding ring you're looking to BUY?

Do you have a stash of gold or gemstones you'd like to SELL and use the money to buy something new?

Is grandad's old watch stuck in a drawer since it stopped ticking and you’d like to get it FIXED?

Have you inherited jewellery that you want to MAKE into something new?

Have you got a load of old sparkles you'd like to make into a customised dog collar for a very special pooch?

Sign up and be in with a chance of visiting some of the finest jewellery experts in the UK for the answers to all your jewellery needs.

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