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THE PET SHOW is a weekly entertainment show celebrating the nation's favourite obsession.... pets. Presented by our hosts, and a team of experts from a location in the English countryside it will include everything you ever wanted to know about pets of all shapes, sizes and breeds.

There will be a mix of fun, heart-warming, entertaining and informative studio items and VTs from the likes of The Pet of The Year celebrating the nation's most heroic pet through to celebrity's pets competing in a Best of Show strand. It's a prime time family show in a Sunday night slot.

We are hoping to speak with pet owners all over the country who have stories to tell. Is your animal worthy of special recognition? if your pet is a record holder, maybe your animal has a special talent? Whether your pet has an issue or an embarrassing problem, Maybe you have a pet that might be considered ‘unusual’ to some. We’re even looking for people who are hoping to add a pet addition to their family. Your animal might do the funniest thing and you want us to feature your video. We want to hear from all owners of animals great and small.

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