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Documentary exploring threesomes

A threesome is the most common sexual fantasy - but who's ready to try it?

A brand-new educational Channel 4 documentary that's exploring sexuality, consent, boundaries, and healthy ways to discuss bringing fantasy to reality.
We're looking to speak to those who've had threesomes before and those who are looking to have their first-ever threesome! At this stage, it's a confidential research chat. Email: casting@spungoldtv.com for more information

I’m researching for a sex-positive documentary that will look into healthy, constructive ways to explore sexuality and sexual fantasy.

We have an amazing sex-ed writer and broadcaster on board, Alix Fox, who has been involved in many sexual education productions – including working as a script consultant on the Netflix drama Sex Education.

We are focusing on threesomes for this documentary as it’s the most popular sexual fantasy. It also explores different themes of trust, roleplay, consent and it can incorporate the entire gender and sexual spectrum. It’s very important to the team that we do not make a documentary that sensationalises stories or individuals and rather, stick to making an informative and eye-opening programme about we can learn from each others experiences to have a fulfilling sex life.

The documentary will have a mix of short-form story sharing where individuals or groups share the good, the bad and the ugly moments from where threesomes have been amazing… and where they could have been better. We’ll also have longer case studies where we’ll follow three individuals through their process of discussing and planning a threesome, the anticipation and then a follow up after to see if it met expectations, what went well and what could be improved.
We believe that communication is key and our sex expert Alix will be on hand throughout to give helpful advice on how to discuss these topics with your partner/s.

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