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Premium Memberships

Lost in TV are excited to offer you our brand new feature to ticket-holders - Premium Memberships!

We're often asked what 'Premium' tickets are and how members go about getting hold of them. Premium tickets are simply tickets that guarantee your entry to a recording, rather than the regular tickets that are usually allocated for TV and radio shows which only offer first-come-first-served entry. Regular ticket-holders therefore need to arrive at the studio early to queue up and try to claim their seats, and entry is not guaranteed.

With Premium tickets the headache of queueing and arriving early is taken away from you and your entry to the show is reserved by us in advance. All you need to do is make sure you arrive by your allocated Premium cut-off time. What's more, Premium ticket-holders go into the studio before anyone else!

Until now Premium tickets were allocated at our discretion and also to those people who have been turned away at a previous show. Now with our Premium Memberships you can be part of this exclusive group! To ensure this exclusivity we only have a limited number of Premium Memberships - and at the moment membership applications are open and available.

Remember, you don't have to have a Premium Membership to apply and receive our FREE audience tickets - but a Premium Membership will ensure a Premium upgrade to the recording!


Monthly - £4.99
Quarterly - £9.99
Annually - £19.99


  • UNLIMITED Premium upgrades to successful free ticket applications to TV & Radio shows at Lost in TV. During your membership period you can upgrade as many successful ticket applications as you wish!
  • You'll also be notified of new shows BEFORE anyone else, giving you the very best chance to secure the tickets you want.


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