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The Hero Challenge - golf's exciting new head to head format - is back!

Due to the spectacular success of the first show last year, 8 superstar golfers and a number of A list celebs are heading to the Dundonald Links golf club, just outside Glasgow, to take part in this truly unique knockout competition that takes place at night and features music, pyros and lights!
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Culinary Genius - USA

Culinary Genius is an entirely original format mixing food with compelling gameshow and cooking elements. Fresh from its recent success on ITV daytime and made exclusively by Gordon Ramsay’s company, this high octane, large-scale competition is back and being filmed for broadcast in the USA.
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What Would Your Kid Do?

*NOTE NEW REVISED DOOR TIME* Pilot for a brand new fun family gameshow hosted by a big surprise star.
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Comedy legend Mr Harry Hill invites you to join him and his celebrity guests in his kitchen for another series of Tea Time!
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The Clare Balding Show is a weekly studio talk show for BT Sport and BBC2, which will delve into the lives of the BIGGEST names in sport and the people and stories behind the weekly headlines. At the heart of each show are in-depth interviews with three of the world’s sporting greats from A List talent, to national and international legendary icons, to the best in women’s sport – when the stars talk they’ll talk to Clare.
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The Persuaders is a filmed run-through of a brand new comedy debate show, hosted by comedian Tom Allen. Three comedy guests will argue for three equally appealing or unappealing options, before the audience decides who wins.
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