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I LIVE WITH MODELS is a laugh out loud sitcom about perennial loser Tommy, who gets discovered as a hand model and moves in with 3 proper models in a New York apartment.

There's Scarlet, a girl-next-door catalogue model with an inferiority complex; Molly, a young runway model making the most of the model life; and Jess, a ruthlessly ambitious plus size model. Tommy's perfect hands are his passport to the world of the beautiful people - but will the rest of him be allowed to stay?

Starring a gaggle of young comedy talent, including Lydia Rose Bewley (THE INBETWEENERS) and Karan Soni (DEADPOOL), and written by Mark Reisman (FRASIER), I LIVE WITH MODELS is a smart, modern flatshare comedy about learning to love yourself in an airbrushed, image-obsessed world.

Admittance is for those aged 16 and over.

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